Dimensional appliqué has always been my design focus. The Skinny Mini tube turner
is a clever tool that produces great dimensional effects. If your project calls for lattice work,
flower stems, or other embellishments where a bias tube is required, then this tube is a must.

Skinny Mini
Skinny Mini  |  Item #203
This handy notion is great for creating tubes of varying size.

Kai 5100c curved scissors
Kai 5100c 4" Curved scissors  |  Item #204
Sharp pointed tips allow for flexibility in clipping.

Kai 5100 straight scissors
Kai 5100 4" Straight scissors  |  Item #205
Sharp pointed tips allow for detailed cutting and trimming.

Kai embroidery scissors
Kai 5135 5½" Embroidery scissors  |  Item #206
Quilters love this size for trimming.